CHPAMS Policy on Inspiration Award


  • Zhuo (Adam) Chen The China Health Policy and Management Society


CHPAMS Policy on Inspiration Award

Date First Published: 05/25/2016

Date Revised: 08/07/2016; 09/05/2016

A.    Purpose

This award is to recognize CHPAMS members’ extraordinary determination to challenge the “status quo”, overcome significant barriers and achieve accomplishments in scientific research, community service, or innovative activities that are beyond-expectation. The accomplishments should be in line with the mission of the China Health Policy and Management Society (CHPAMS). The preferred candidates are CHPAMS members who are in their early career stage. The awardees’ actions or achievements should have challenged others’ existing view on a particular subject in health-related fields to better serve CHPAMS’s mission, and therefore, inspire others to act in the same manner.

B.     Selection Criteria

A nominee must be a registered CHPAMS member and demonstrates the qualifications satisfying at least one of the following criteria:

The nominee challenges and addresses a scientific question in health or health-related fields that may significantly change the established view, form a breakthrough, or substantially benefit large populations;

The nominee demonstrates persistence, dedication, or leadership in serving the health needs of a particular vulnerable group that might be otherwise ignored or underserved by the existing health system. The community service must be exemplary and exceed the normal expectation.

The nominee creates innovative tools, methods, or other intellectual products that may not fit into a formal research field but can motivate others and benefit the health of a specific or general population.

If the achievement is completed by a group of individuals, only the leader or the key person(s) who played a significant beyond-duty role is(are) qualified as long as they meet the requirements as defined in this policy and agreed upon by the group members unanimously.

 C.    Application Process

CHPAMS will form an award committee of five members that consist of President of CHPAMS or his/her designee, CHPAMS advisors and other distinguished members or guests and one member will be elected as the Chair of the Committee. 

The nominating member should email the following documents to the Chair of the Award Committee by October 1 of the award year:

A cover letter of no more than 1,000 words in English to describe the qualification of the nominee.

Additional documents or materials (optional but no more than three documents or a total of 10 pages)  that describes the inspiration of the nominee’s actions and/or demonstrates the outcome, such as media report, award certificate, witness testimony, or any other evidence that supports the nominee’s application.

D.    Selection Process

The Award Committee will screen and review all nomination materials and may conduct phone or in-person interviews with the finalists. The Award Committee will have a formal meeting to discuss the nominees and vote on the final winner. CHPAMS will announce the winner on February 1 of the following year. The winner will receive $500 at minimum and an award plaque. The award amount may be increased by the CHPAMS Board of Directors with additional resources available.

The Award Committee will uphold a high standard in the selection process. If no nominee meets the expectation from the award committee, the award funding will be rolled over to next year. No more than two winners can be awarded in any given year.