Job Satisfaction by Chinese Primary Care Doctors Following Health Care Reform


  • Leiyu Shi
  • Yang Sun
  • Xiaoyu Nie
  • Qingyue Meng


China, healthcare reform, job satisfaction, primary care


The purpose of this study is to compare primary care doctors’ job satisfaction and factors associated with it before and after the latest health care reform in China. Data for the study were obtained from China Primary Care Workforce Surveys conducted in 2008 and 2011. Compared to results from the 2008 survey, primary care doctors (PCDs) in the 2011 survey were more satisfied with their jobs overall as well as work conditions and equipment, but less satisfied with their income. In both surveys rural CHC and village clinic doctors were less satisfied than their urban counterparts with their jobs overall, income, work condition, and equipment. Logistic regressions showed that practice setting (i.e. urban, rural, or village) and educational level were two important factors associated with job satisfaction. These findings demonstrated both significant achievements and further efforts to be made to strengthen primary care workforce and enhance their job satisfaction.



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