Resolving and Preventing Medical Disputes in China

  • Zhi Geng Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health
Keywords: medical disputes, healthcare reform, quality improvement


Medical disputes have been a major issue for the Chinese government. Though Chinese government implemented regulations on handling medical accidents in 2002, annual incidents of medical disputes have dramatically increased from 6,324 cases in 2003 to 115,000 cases in 2014. Several factors led to the medical disputes from the perspectives of patient satisfaction, physician performance and the healthcare system. This paper explores the reasons underlying the complex issue and tangible solutions to address the medical disputes in the future.


医疗纠纷已成为困扰中国的一件大事。尽管中国政府于2002年推行了《医疗事故处理条例(草案)》, 医疗纠纷事件从2003年的6324起急剧上升到2014年的11,5000起。从病人满意度,医生行为和医疗体系等方面看,医疗纠纷并非单一因素造成的。此文剖析了医疗纠纷的成因,并提供了未来解决医疗纠纷的可行方法。



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